Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 was much different than any we had ever been accustomed to so far in our lives, but we made it & it was such a fun weekend. Since Jake had to work the day before Thanksgiving and the day after for Black Friday we decided to stay here and my parents & brother decided to stay here and spend Thanksgiving with us since we couldn't go anywhere. We were also so happy to have my sister & brother in law come up to visit us for four days. So we got the holiday weekend all started with them getting here on wednesday afternoon and going out to dinner in Buffalo Gap for a great catfish meal. Since both Jake's family & my family were both in town for the holidays we had a double Thanksgiving which beforehand was somewhat stressful, but really ended up working out for the best, which I was so relieved about. Jake & I hosted our first Thanksgiving meal here at our apartment, it was alot of work, but very delicious. We did a big turkey, macaroni & cheese, green beans, cranberry mold, mashed potatoes, stuffing, & coconut creme pie, lemon chess pies for dessert. Luckily we didn't have to make all of that ourselves, Jake did the turkey, macaroni & cheese, green beans, & stuffing and his family helped out with bringing the rest of the side dishes and desserts. We got the big day started off early with a little breakfast and hanging out watching the parade on tv. Later we all ate lunch, had dessert, looked at all the shopping ads, and just hung out until Jake & I left to go to lunch at my parents house.

Lunch with my family was very delicious also, my dad, brother, & brother in law fried a turkey, my mom made the dressing & gravy to go with the turkey, my sister made macaroni & cheese, twice baked potatoes, I made squash casserole, we also had pistachio salad, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and rolls. We also had lots of wonderful pies for dessert, I made a pumpkin pie, my mom made chocolate meringue, coconut creme pie, & apple pie. We all ate lunch, watched football, talked about our christmas lists, played with all the dogs, and just had a wonderful time all being together. Unfortunately we were all too occupied to take one single picture all of the holiday weekend, which I definitely now regret.

The rest of the weekend consisted of lots of fun family time with all of us being together for once, which is pretty rare. On friday my mom, sister, & I ventured out to try and do a little bit of shopping on black friday, which in the end we were very unsuccessful, but it was fun being out shopping together. They came over to our apartment so that my sister could see it since she never had before, so I think she really liked it. Afterward we all went home and hung out, ate Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner, made some yummy Christmas cookies, my mom got out all of her old family recipes she has collected throughout the years for my sister & I to copy/scan so we could use them for our families now. On saturday we got a Christmas at my parents house, went to the ACU playoff game, which ended up being pretty disappointing, then went to dinner, and came home to decorate the Christmas tree and hang out for one last night together.

All in all it was an extremely special weekend for us all to be together and get to hang out all holiday weekend long. Now we are all getting excited to see what Christmas holds for all of us...

That is all for now, sorry for the lack in blogging over the last couple months now that the holidays are here I'm sure I will be blogging much more. Stay tuned for some Christmas blogging coming up next...

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