Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas so far

Merry Christmas, I cannot believe how fast Christmas has gotten here, but it shouldn't be shocking at all to me since it happens like this every year! So far the holidays this year have been both exciting & fun and at the same time frustrating & stressful, but I guess that's the Christmas season for you. I knew our first Christmas together would be somewhat interesting as far as stress goes because of where, when our families celebrate Christmas and deciding what we were going to do and adding Jake's crazy work schedule into all that, it was definitely crazy there for awhile. But thankfully it has all worked out great, thanks to some very special family members we are getting to leave early on Christmas Eve and fly to Houston to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with all my family and we are doing Christmas with Jake's family tonight and doing New year's eve with his family also. We are so excited for Christmas with everyone!!

As far as shopping goes, we are still currently not finished yet, we only have a little bit left so hopefully we can get that this next week before we leave on Friday for Houston. So far I'm really excited to see our families open all the gifts we got them, that is the greatest part of Christmas to me, I just LOVE IT! Otherwise it's been such a fun season so far, it's always extra special and fun when you have little kids around to enjoy it with, the girls have had so much fun so far with everything! So far we have loved Elf on the Shelf, Larry has been watching them very carefully and reporting back to Santa every night, they have actually been pretty good lately. They did the donuts with santa again this year at their house which is always such a treat to see how magical Santa/Christmas is for all the little kids, it just makes you want to be a kid again or at least it does me! Here are so precious pictures from donuts with santa, hope you enjoy!

all 3 girls with Santa, everyone loved Santa this year!

Sleigh ride picture :)
Claire Louise wearing Santa's hat

Maggie and Santa

Elizabeth loved Santa, loved her outfit!!

Just hanging out on Santa's lap

All 3 precious girls...could not get enough of their smocked Christmas outfits

sweet Claire with Santa

She loved Santa if you can't tell...

the best picture I could get with my sweet girls, granted it was at the end of the party and they had obviously had Christmas/Santa picture overload, its definitely better than nothing since I needed a recent, updated picture of me with them really bad...

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