Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas 2010!!

Christmas 2010 started out a little stressful, but in the end it was so great. We started celebrating Christmas a little early to get everyone in, which actually made it alot more fun because it was like we had a few mini christmases since we LOVE to CELEBRATE! So we started out celebrating with Jake's family on December 19th at our house with his mom, dad, brother, & his brother's fiance. Jake & I worked on a mexican themed meal and it turned out so delicious...we served king ranch casserole(a family recipe & favorite), tamales, homemade spanish rice, chips & queso, and it all turned out so delicous! We all received some great gifts and played some really fun games along with a great Sopapilla Cheesecake for dessert that Jake made. It was a great Christmas celebration with everyone on Jake's side of the family.

This year we decided to go down to Houston/Beaumont for Christmas with my family so we left early Christmas Eve morning and flew from Abilene to Dallas to Houston. Once we got to Houston we got our from the rental place in the airport and went for some yummy lunch at Pei Wei (a.k.a. Jake's favorite) and then a few last Christmas stops at the mall and Target. After we finished out last Christmas errands we headed to my sister & brother in law's house to hang out until we headed to my cousin's house for Christmas Eve dinner and hang out. We got to eat my favorite italian, Carrabba's Italian Grill for dinner and a delicious homemade ice cream cake for dessert all thanks to Jeffrey & Alison :) Once getting home from dinner we did our last bit of wrapping gifts, stuffing the stockings, and getting everything set out for Santa :) Christmas morning was great with just our little family of now 7 and everyone loved all their goodies that Santa left them. After cleaning up from our Santa and getting dressed for the rest of Christmas Day we all headed to Nana & Papa's house for the rest of the day to celebrate with all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and whoever else was there. This year instead of drawing names and everyone just pretty much buying everyone a gift we decided to do a fun white elephant this year and all had such a fun time, it was definitely a good laugh for all!

Once we got back to Houston to my sister & brother in law's house we all hung out and relaxed until we headed to bed, which was pretty early for Jake & I since we had to wake up at 4 am to get ready to leave for the airport to catch our plane back to Abilene. The morning came very early, but really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, we headed to the airport, returned our rental car, checked in & boarded our plane, then sat down for a few minutes to eat Mcdonalds for breakfast before flying off to Dallas. Once we got to Dallas we had a little delay, but not too bad at all, once we were finally home in Abilene Jake had to head off to work while I came home and started unpacking some of our stuff. Then it was early to bed for us that 8:30 early something we have never done! But all in all Christmas was wonderful, we definitely were so blessed to get to go home and spend it with all my family and had such a special first Christmas together.

Christmas morning 2010 at Matt & Jenna's house
Our front door area outside our apartment decorated for Christmas

Our first Christmas tree together

sweet baby Adley Ann on her first Christmas

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