Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Maggie!!

Happy 5th Birthday to Maggie Kathryn Trammell!! My words cannot express how much I have enjoyed the past three years of being in this little girl's life, I started working for the Trammells when Maggie was 18 months old (the same age as Elizabeth right now) which is SO CRAZY to think about!! I could not imagine life without sweet Maggie...she is so different from both of her sisters and I love it. She is quite possibly the sweetest, kindest, and most caring little girl I have ever been around. She has such a heart for her family and friends, often premature worry wart but that comes from her personality. She is also just so smart, which can be good and bad, you definitely have to watch what you are saying and talking about around her, she picks up on everything, says words and sentences that most 5 year olds don't know. On a fun note, she can also be so silly at times that you just look at that sweet face and laugh.

Maggie at her first ballet recital last May

sorry couldn't get this picture to turn around, but this is one of my favorite pictures of Maggie with one of her daddy's scrub caps on, for those who don't know her daddy is a very talented neurosurgeon.

LOVE this picture...this picture has Maggie's sweet, little personality all over! This was taken in the spring of 2008 she was 2 years old her, cannot believe how big she has gotten!

This was also taken spring/summer 2008 when she was 2

This was probably taken spring 2009, maggie was 2, Claire was almost 1.
Here are some of Maggie's favorite things:
favorite food: lasagna & pizza, any carbs, this girl loves her some bread
favorite color:pink
She loves school like no other kid I have ever known, definitely alot more than I ever did as a child or adult.
Maggie is having her first big girl birthday party, with only girls, it is going to be a fancy nancy birthday party, these girls love fancy nancy and secretly so do I haha. I cannot wait to see all the sweet little fancy girls all dressed up. I definitely hope to take some pictures and write about her cute party on Saturday. I hope she enjoys her 5th year of life and has many more to celebrate. I cannot wait to see the places she will go and the person she will become. I love you Mags!!

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