Wednesday, January 5, 2011

favorite gifts of Christmas 2010

All in all Jake & I had a fabulous Christmas, we got SO many fun goodies that we love so much, but here are the top 4 items we received from Christmas 2010 that I thought I would share with ya'll...

Jake got this awesome new gas grill from my parents for Christmas, we are loving it for sure...we have already grilled steaks, italian sausage, & the little baby steaks wrapped in bacon. It is really helping us eat healthier and really cook our food in a healthier way! Thank you so much Mom & Dad...we are both really enjoying it!!

This awesome new mixer we got from Jake's dad, I love it so much, we had registered for one of these for our wedding, but never got it so it was so great to get one for Christmas this year! It is actually a much better one than the one we had registered for, it is the professional version, instead of the artisan or classic version. It also has a much bigger motor and all the tools/attachments it comes with are all metal instead of plastic. I would say it is definitely safe to say that we are loving it...a few weeks ago I made a delicious batch of my mom's famous ranger cookies, which were thoroughly enjoyed!

Here is another item that is going to have great benefit on helping me be healthier and in better shape in this new year. Jake got me the Reebok Easytone tennis shoes in a cool gray & turquoise color combination, they look a little different than the ones in the picture above, but that was the closest I could find online. I have been wearing them whenever I can and love them, I love that they are helping my legs, butt, and back get toned me every little bit helps haha. They have made my leg and back muscles a little sore, but I know they will just take a little getting used to.

And here is the last top item of the year, this is a necklace I got from Sara & the girls that I am nanny for and I absolutely LOVE it! The necklace is from a company called Stella & Dot, they sell gorgeous jewelry, it's a great place if you like giving great quality jewelry as gifts. Anyways, back in September a friend of Sara's, who works for Stella & Dot was having a jewelry party at Sara's house which I attended to help out at and ended up trying on and modeling this exact necklace for the party and was loving it that night, but completely forgot about it. But come to find out when the girls & I exchanged our Christmas gifts, Sara saw how much I liked this necklace and how much it looked like me and bought it that night of the jewelry party at her house and I had absolutely no idea, haha I was very surprised to open up the necklace and definitely recognized it in a good way!
It was definitely a great Christmas for us whether we got these items or not, but we are loving all of our Christmas goodies and are so thankful for our generous families. There were many other great items, but these were the ones that I got pictures of. I hope everyone else had such a merry christmas & happy new year!!

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