Saturday, August 6, 2011

Officially Released AGAIN (hoping to be the last)

So as of late Thursday evening I was FINALLY released from Methodist Hospital in Houston and able to go home to my new apartment with Jake in Katy which I had not even seen since the first weekend of July. Upon leaving the hospital things are still kind of not under control and we are still trying to work with the doctors, medications, and my conditions to try and settle everything down. Because I was hooked up to a constant EEG monitor for 7 days straight in hopes that the doctor and nursing staff would be able to record an actual epileptic seizure while I was being monitored, but for the most part that was something didn't really ever happen. The doctor was never able to see or record one of my truly bad, epileptic seizures that I have been having more of lately most likely because of the very safe and controlled environment I was in while at the hospital often doesn't allow some patients to have seizures they might have otherwise. But what the doctors were able to see were some other different kinds of seizures nothing like tonic-clonic(grand mals), but more like peti mal seizures, and other types of seizures that are much more mild, but still were able to give the doctors the brain wave clues that it was definitely abnormal epileptic brain waves causing all of these different types of seizures anywhere from mild to very dangerous.

When I was released from the hospital I was sent home with two new prescriptions to start for my anti-seizure medications and some new things to start doing while we continue treating my epilepsy condition and try to get it under control. My new doctor here in Houston sent me home with 2,000 mg. of Keppra daily and 100 mg. Zonegran daily as of right now. I am still on my diabetes medicines, folic acid vitamin, and also have my headache/migraine medicine, and anti-nausea medicine. I have to call Monday to schedule my follow up appointment with my new neurologist here in Houston, who is also an Epilepsy Specialist, who is also the doctor I was seeing here in Houston at Methodist Hospital. My new doctors also sent me home with some "homework" haha, which is to document EVERYTHING that goes on with my body, anything I feel, any side effect I have from the medicines I am on, anything and everything that is the same and or different that goes on with the seizures I have, and any other complications I may continue to have. Although I didn't get as many clear, straight forward answers as I had hoped for while at the hospital, but the good thing I see is that I am here in Houston with one of the very very best Epilepsy doctors out there and I have learned it is more of a journey to getting the condition under control rather than a diagnosis, medication, and everything is better. I know it is going to be a very long road but I'm praying and trying my hardest to be able to gain the best quality of life for me but healthy at the same time.

I also had an MRI with contrast while I was at the hospital here in Houston and while the structural results to that test all came back normal like they usually do. But my doctor also wanted to have a radiologist that specializes in reading MRI's involving seizures and Epilepsy read my MRI results so it will be a couple of more weeks before we find out the results to what that radiologist sees.

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