Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never Been So Excited To Go To Abilene!!

So this weekend will be my first trip to go back to Abilene since I left there in the lovely Ambulance from Hendrick down to Methodist Hospital here in Houston, needless to say its going to be just a little bit weird but I am otherwise VERY EXCITED! I kind of left Abilene a total mess as far as leaving all my stuff which my dad had to bring me and of course he forgot some semi important things but I also didn't get to say my proper goodbyes and was just a wreck emotionally when I left Abilene. I feel like things have gotten alot better in the last couple weeks or so but I cannot tell you how much this trip back to Abilene is going to mean to me which I know probably sounds so crazy to whoever might be reading this! It even makes myself laugh when I think about how I'm actually excited to go to Abilene for a few days because that is something that several years ago I totally used to dread doing so it really cracks me up when I think about it!

But as far as what am going to do while I am there for a few days, I am beyond excited about it but to most people it would definitely mean nothing! When Jake gets off work here in just a few minutes we are hitting the road to drive about three hours to meet my parents at the half way point to Abilene so neither us or them have to drive the full six hours to pick me up since I cannot drive myself. Once we get there nothing exciting will be happening except Duke seeing me which I fully prepared for since I know he will go completely crazy, then tomorrow is baby Elizabeth's birthday so might be going to lunch with Sara & Elizabeth, then Friday I have a hair cut appointment in the morning, and Friday night dinner with all the Trammells to spend some time with them, and Saturday Elizabeth & Scout's big bday bash of turning 2, and other than that there really isn't much else planned besides some quality parent and brother time! Anyways as you can tell from the pictures below this is what Abilene, Texas means to me and is definitely why I am so excited to go for a few days!

Cannot believe this sweet baby girl is turning TWO years old tomorrow!!



I mean who could not absolutely love that face!!?

Her sweet, little bedside visits while I was in the hospital in Abilene brought tears to my eyes and a much needed smile on my face, LOVE THIS GIRL!! :)

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