Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have been back from my exciting, fun trip to Abilene for awhile now but haven't sat down to upload the pictures to the computer and onto the blog and write about my weekend. So here we go...the last weekend of August Jake drove me to meet my parents in Temple (which is halfway between Katy & Abilene) so they could pick me up and take me back to Abilene for the weekend. It was really great to even get away for just a couple of days and so so incredibely wonderful to get back to Abilene and see the girls and spend the weekend with them! We got back pretty late on Wednesday night and hung out for a little while before heading to bed and then on Thursday morning Sara & Elizabeth came over to hang out since I was basically DYING to see that sweet baby girl who can talk like a four year now, wow! But I just hung out at my parent's house for the remainder of the morning until lunch time when I went to Oscar's for mexican food with my dad and brother and then went shopping for Elizabeth birthday presents with my mom later that afternoon when she got home from work. Luckily at the two stores to choose from there in Abilene for kids toys we were able to find Elizabeth some cute things like some adorable big girl pajamas, a sweet Madam Alexander baby doll, and a hilarious pink singing pig named Percy who sing My Girl. Once we got finished with our shopping we met my brother for dinner at Little Italy which was so delish as always! Then on Friday I had a hair appointment that morning to get a very much needed haircut and then my dad & I took Claire took lunch at the Hot Dog place as she calls it, I got to give her her birthday present since I wasn't able to come to her bday party since I was in the hospital in Houston and she loved it, it was such a precious pink ballet backpack to put all of her ballet clothes and such in with her name monogrammed on the front and a cute Angelina Ballerina book all about ballet that she loved and loved. I stayed all day over at the Trammells house and spent some much needed time with everyone and later that evening had dinner with all their family and mine included which was fun.

Then Saturday we had the BIG BIRTHDAY BASH of Elizabeth & Scout, which was fun with swimming, pizza, cupcakes, lots of kids and families that I have missed desperately, and open presents with a very exciting two year old. Elizabeth and Scout and best friends who were born two days apart and have had their birthdays together since they share so many of the same friends. Later Saturday night my parents & I went to dinner with the Trammells minus Sara & Talmadge who were at the Grace Museum Gala, so it was the grandparents with all the kids so we had dinner with them and then went to have frozen yogurt together which really fun. Then Sunday was spent just hanging out around the house with my parents until we left to meet Matt & Jenna in Temple for them to pick me up to take me back to Katy with them. So needless to say it was a GREAT ABILENE weekend and I needed it so much, it is so crazy how much it has helped me through everything!! Enjoy the sweet pictures :)

 Claire Louise
 Elizabeth enjoying swimming at her 2nd birthday party
 Claire & Avery having fun swimming at the birthday party
 The birthday girl posing for a quick picture
 Singing happy birthday to Elizabeth, cannot believe it has already been two years since God blessed us with her!
 She was really enjoying her icing
 LOVING her birthday cupcake
 Claire having another piece of pizza poolside
 Elizabeth having a Caprisun poolside
 The birthday girl making her funny face
 She is loving this cupcake
 Happy Birthday to you sweet girl!!!
 She was blue icing everywhere!!
She LOVED percy the Pig singing My Girl to her!!!

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