Friday, September 16, 2011

Long week...another weekend of fun, football, & hanging out ahead.

After such a long week for Jake & I, it is finally FRIDAY and time to celebrate the weekend and its events, which for us always mean our big college football games, Sunday NFL Football, & to continue following the MLB Almost Post-season, obviously following our beloved New York Yankees. If you haven't been able to tell quite yet, we LOVE our sports. When we got married I was starting to get Jake drawn into baseball because he never watched it or was into it growing up and such. And since I personally feel like no one should miss out on the love that is the game of baseball, there is just nothing like a good, exciting baseball game, home runs are such a special moment. But since we both grew up LOVING football there was no explaining that sport necessary, although I was always more of an NFL fan than college growing up, but being married to Jake has really kinda drifted me the complete other way, so it has been really interesting. One game we had on Thursday night that was a little weird since it wasn't on Saturday afternoon or night was LSU and thankfully they won, so the LSU Tigers now stand at 3-0! Our Texas Longhorns had kinda a rough game last week, ended up taking out there quarterback and replacing him with Case McCoy (a.k.a. Colt's younger brother), Case did a great job and we came out with a win. So this week we are hoping to play even better with an even better win, this week we play UCLA Bruins which last year didn't go so well, but this year IS A DIFFERENT STORY! And tomorrow afternoon Jake's beloved Florida Gators are playing Tennessee which should be a good game, we are both looking forward to watching it, he will have to record it since he has to work until 8 tomorrow :( And then our last really big to watch tomorrow which thankfully isn't until 8 so we will get to watch it together is the big Florida State vs. Oklahoma University(who is #1). It is going to be one great game to watch because neither of us like either of those teams, but we will both be cheering for different teams because of the ranking advantages, so we shall see what happens!

Other than sports, Jake has been working alot this week since he had a three day management training plus his regular work schedule after his training was over on Wednesday evening. I haven't been that busy really, just trying to get everything taken care of here at home before October rolls around and we leave for our trip, which we are OH SO EXCITED about! Since I have so much spare time on my hands at home I have been trying to get all the closets and cabinets all organized before the holidays roll around since I am planning breaking out all of my fall decorations and working on some really cute fall stuff for the house when we get back from the trip and I want to make sure everything is organized and easy to find. And I am already at the point of counting down the days till our amazing vacation we have waited so long for, its almost to the point of where I sit around wishing that September would just be over already, so I think I am WAY PAST excited!

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