Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exactly 3 weeks from today!!!

To start off, the most important and exciting things are first and that is what I have a couple of pictures of below. So exactly 3 weeks from today Jake & I will be on our beloved vacation we have been looking SO SO forward to and I have been trying to keep myself busy lately to contain my level of excitement, impatience, and anticipation. I know that right now 3 weeks still sounds like a long time, but I know it will fly by and we will be on our lovely airplane flying up, up, and away to Boston, MA for 9 whole days together! Not to mention in the meantime I have quite a bit of stuff to work on to keep myself busy and definitely things to do that I am looking forward to.
Starting this week I started working on a few of my fall decorations for around the house along with a few Christmas projects that required significant early ordering. We also went on our last grocery trip before our vacation, we got plenty of food to make big meals that we will have leftovers and enough things to have small things like sandwhiches and stuff a couple of nights. I am also BEYOND thrilled about Grey's Anatomy season 8 2 hour premiere coming on Thursday night, oh how I love that show, I cannot even describe it!! I am also looking forward to this weekend because Jake is off on Friday and Sunday and we both always really enjoy those days even if all we do is sit around and hang out at home it is so nice to have someone to sit around the house with besides Emmitt & I haha. Another thing that I am excited about is this weekend my dad and brother are coming to Beaumont for my dad's best friend who just got the City of Beaumont Chief of Police job so they are coming to celebrate that with him so I am hoping we will get to see my dad and brother at some point during the weekend which would be so nice. And then next weekend my mom will be in town since my sister is having both of her baby showers next weekend, getting so excited to see all that sweet baby stuff and getting very ready for my baby nephew/niece to be here, I CANNOT WAIT!
Boston Logan Airport-where we will be 3 weeks from today, I cannot wait to get off that plane and let that vacation finally begin!!!

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