Thursday, September 22, 2011

What an exciting day today is!!

Today is a GREAT DAY it is only one day closer to our vacation, but especially because tonight is the big two hour season 8 premiere of Grey's Anatomy which just happens to be my all time favorite show and I cannot put my excitement into words! When season 7 ended in May there was so much going and the writers kinda left us hanging by a thread as to what was going to happen with so many of the characters, situations, and just how everything was going to play out. I am so anxious to see how they start off the season, hoping for a really dramatic good one! I am very excited it is two hours long though, I am going to need every minute I can get, plus there are alot of character stories to get through so we shall see! But tonight at 8:00 you know where I will be, the DVR is ready and everything!! I love when all my shows start back up for the fall, just another GREAT thing about the fall season!

 Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Cast looking fabulous
 What will Alex do? Where will Meredith and his friendship go to?
 Dr. Meredith Grey gets fired from messing with the Alzheimer's clinical trial. What will she do? Will the Chief let her come back and work at the hospital?
 Cristina & Owen have hit a rough spot as she found out at the end of season 7 that she is pregnant. While this is great news, she doesn't want to keep the baby because she doesn't want to be a mother, only a surgeon and focus on her career, but Owen on the other hand feels completely opposite. Will they split and divorce or possibly keep the baby?
A collage of images from the season 8 premiere, the beautiful Dr. Derek Sheperd playing with their adopted baby, Zola, Dr. Teddy Altman & "husband" Henry, Meredith and Alex, and Jackson & April. What will happen will Henry & Teddy, when will they actually realize they have fallen in love? Will Alex & Meredith mend their friendship considering all that happened at the end of season 7 with the clinical trial, Meredith getting fired, and everything? And now that April was made Chief Resident how will that change things? And where does this all leave Lexi & Jackson?
 Meredith & Derek and baby Zola discussing their situation...
I can't wait to see how Meredith is as a mom with baby Zola!

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