Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking forward to big games and family time this weekend

Well it's the weekend so you know that means football so here are my weekly football pictures of who we are cheering on for this weekend. We do have a couple of big games this weekend so we are definitely looking forward to that! First we have Texas playing Iowa State tomorrow, hook em' horns; then Arkansas and Texas A&M are playing each other which is a pretty big game since it has just been announced that A&M has been officially accepted to the SEC Conference for next football season. And of course the biggest game of the weekend being Florida Gators vs. Alabama, Jake has told  me a couple of different times how he feels nervous for the football game so we will see what happens! And then of course we have LSU playing Kentucky which really isn't a big game at all, but Jordan Jefferson is being put back in the game so we will see. Although our weekend is going to be pretty busy since Jake is working all weekend, my mom is coming into town for my sister's two baby showers that are both this weekend so our weekend will probably be filled with lots of family time, and excitement as we look forward to seeing all the precious baby gear for sweet baby Manges! There will definitely be ALOT more pictures to edit and download and blog next week probably since there are two baby showers to document, loving the fun family events though, YAY!

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