Monday, October 3, 2011

Plush Pumpkins

Well it is definitely that time of the year again and I LOVE IT! Luckily we just got a great cool front that makes it really feel like fall is here and all it makes you want to do is put cute pumpkins everywhere around your house for fall decor and make lots of yummy fall treats. I just thought all these different colored plush pumpkins were too precious not to blog about, I just can't help myself but be over the moon excited that fall is here and all the holidays are upon us, starting with fall then Halloween then Thanksgiving and then I can break out my favorite decor of all! Anyways I found these adorable plush pumpkin pictures on one of my favorite home decor blogs that I read daily,, ya'll should definitely check it out! I get so many great ideas for decorating my house, all different rooms, all different themes for all different seasons of the year, such creative stuff, I just think it is great! But right now they are doing a special called "31 days inspired for the holidays 2011" where they do a different special everyday that is inspired by the holidays and there are always such cute ideas!

 Loving all the different colors of pumpkins
 love the green pumpkin and silver bowl it is being displayed in on this side table
 My favorite one of all, the blue, turquoise, and white pumpkins, so different and unique.
But I still love the traditional colored pumpkins, they never get old, orange, white, brown just looks like fall and love how they are displayed.

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