Saturday, October 8, 2011

Red River Shootout

Today is a big Saturday in our house along with trying to get packed and everything ready around here since we are leaving for Abilene on Monday to take Emmitt to my parents and leaving for Boston on Tuesday from DFW. But along with everything we have to do to get ready today is a big day in football for our house with Red River Shootout from Cowboy Stadium and a big SEC game this afternoon of LSU Tigers vs. Florida Gators in Death Valley. As we get into the Texas/OU game I realize it is going to be a fight, but we are playing some great defense, especially for such a young team of almost all freshman. Right now Oklahoma is ranked #3 while Texas is #11 so it is a big game for either team, but so far each team is really playing well, I am really feeling an upset hoping that Texas wins, but we will see how it all plays out!

 The top picture OU vs. Texas I love because you can vividly see all the burnt orange and maroon in the whole stadium and I LOVE IT!

Here they are ready to play... LSU Tigers vs. Florida Gators, LSU is ranked #1 right now, while Florida is ranked #17, both teams bringing something challenging to the table, but LSU is downright amazing if you ask me. While Florida has got some great speed so we will see what happens, they are playing in Death Valley so who knows what will happen!

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