Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby Shower Weekend

Last weekend was a sweet baby-filled weekend and I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT! My mom was able to come in town from Abilene on late Friday night to spend the weekend with all of us but really to go to both of my sister's baby showers, we had a family one in Beaumont on Saturday morning and then one at my sister's church on Sunday afternoon. The weekend started early Saturday morning when my mom and sister picked me up so we could head out to Beaumont for the first baby shower of the weekend. And other than getting to be around all baby stuff and feeling like this little nephew or niece is finally going to arrive sooner than later was so exciting. It was also just so wonderful for my soul to get to see and spend some time with all of my family that live in Beaumont. I had not gotten to see most of them since late June or while I was in Methodist Hospital in July and so much have changed since then thankfully! It just felt so so good to finally get to catch up with all of my aunts, cousins, and grandparents I miss all of them and so wish I was able to drive so that I could see them more! My sister and sweet Baby Manges got some really great things at both showers, lots of good baby gear, cute gender neutral baby clothes since the gender is a surprise, tons of burp cloths, and blankets, and some diapers. I for one CANNOT WAIT to find out whether Aunt Gigi is going to have a nephew or niece, I have thought all along from the very beginning of my sister's pregnancy that it was going to be a boy but we will see in just ten weeks. I would so love a little girl to dress up everyday but I would love to have a little boy to have some fun with, I don't care either way! I am beyond excited to have this sweet baby here so I can buy and make lots of fun things, I decided to wait until I knew if it was a boy or girl to really release my creative juices, but I definitely have LOTS up my sleeve. Here are all the pictures I took on my camera at both of the baby showers, I didn't get quite as many as I wanted but I was trying to socialize, see all the cute baby stuff my sister was opening, and also take pictures with my sister's camera for her too! The first set of pictures are from the baby shower in Beaumont with my family, enjoy!

 the party favors :)
 sweet little boy and girl teddy bears that were as yummy as they are cute
 love the boy's bow tie and the girl's little skirt...these were made by my nana & aunts
Since the theme of the baby shower was teddy bears, they did a flower arrangement on one of the tables in a animal cracker container that was a clear, plastic teddy bear that had blue hydrangeas and pink roses which was really cute!
 My sweet nana and sister
 Jenna & life time best friend Cortney
 The guest sign in book along with a few baby pictures of Matt & Jenna with one of my mom's old bears she has always had around her house.
 sweet little Jenna and Adley Ann playing on the rocking horse
 Adley Ann not too easy to take picture of but still as cute as she can be.

The next morning I went to church with my mom, Jenna, & Matt since Jake had to work last Sunday. Since we went to church with them we also went to class with them and got to meet all of their good friends that go to church with which was really nice, I know alot of them prayed for me while I was going through all of my difficult health problems this spring and summer so it was really nice to put a face to the name. So after church and class we all went to a yummy mexican food place down in Sugarland and then went to a few stores while we wasted some time before it was time to go back to the church for the baby shower since their church is a little further away from our houses. While we waited, we went to Target, Dillards, drove around and looked for some other baby stores, and went to get a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop before heading back to the church for the baby shower. The baby shower at their church was put on by the women's ministry and all of her good girlfriends that they go to church with and was very cute! They had a good red velvet cake, some light appetizers, cupcakes, and a yummy punch. And for decorations they did some cute tissue paper flowers hung from the ceiling above the food tables and just around the room, also had a cute banner above the gift table that had their baby pictures hung on it and one also above guest sign in table along with a cute diaper cake. Jenna also got alot of really cute stuff at this shower, so I think the only thing this sweet little baby is going to need are clothes after it is born and we know whether it is a boy or a girl otherwise I think it is pretty much set!

 This is a really bad picture because of the lighting, but here are one of the cluster of the tissue paper flowers that were hung from the ceiling above the food tables.
 Here is the gift table and the banner that had Matt & Jenna's baby pictures hanging on it.
 Another view of the baby picture banner
 This is cute little cousin Reid playing on his ipod touch, which is actually his own ipod, he was so happy and cute the whole time during the shower.
 And here is sweet little cousin Athena, she was so gorgeous, she also has a twin brother, but he stayed home with his dad.
Here is one the older women that helps out in Jenna & Matt's young married class at church that was reading Jenna a special prayer and blessing over her and the baby, it was really sweet, glad I was able to get a picture of it.

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