Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jeff & Rachel's Wedding

Last weekend one of our good friends from ACU was getting married in the Kingwood/Humble area of Houston and we got dressed up, went out, and celebrated their wedding with them! It was really nice getting to be a part of a wedding as a guest being able to sit in the audience and not be part of the wedding crew which is something I am VERY used to, I seem to always be a bridesmaid or just a significant crew member who is very involved in all the behind the scenes stuff so this was nice! But it was even better to be able to see old friends from college and get to catch up and hang out with them and see where life has taken everyone, Jake & I both really enjoyed getting to do that! The wedding was a vintage/1950s inspired wedding so the style of everything was very different than any wedding I had ever been to for the most part. If you know me you know that is my most favorite part of any wedding or event but especially wedding to notice the style of the wedding and all the decorations and the little details of everything. I guess because of growing up in a large family and us always having someone getting married it sometimes feels like I have seen it all when it comes to weddings and I just love noticing and figuring everything that goes into wedding celebrations out!

This wedding was outside at a country club and the weather this particular evening was absolutely perfect, aside from the mosquitoes it was great! It was a pretty small wedding and for the ceremony everyone just sat in the little white chairs with the white laterns lining the center aisle, which added a cute little touch to the small outdoor celebration. Most of our friends were groomsmen in the wedding so it was neat getting to watch them be a part of the wedding ceremony. We tried taking as many pictures as we could but as it got closer to dark the lack of lighting was interfering plus we were trying not to look like the papparazzi flashing pictures all during the ceremony. But enjoy the pictures we were able to get!

 All the groomsmen standing at the front as the ceremony continues on...
 Sorry some of these got a little out of order, but I thought this one was so cute, Jeff & Rachel walking down the aisle together as  MARRIED COUPLE....Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Paxton
 The flower girl and ring bearer walking back as the wedding ends.
 Chase and his bridesmaid escort walking back down the aisle.
 Mike and his bridesmaid escort walking back down the aisle.
 Brian and his bridesmaid escort walking back down the aisle.
 Matt and his bridesmaid escort walking back down the aisle.
 Here are some of the tables all set up and decorated while everyone mingled before the reception officially started. They had some long tables and some round ones, all were covered with white table cloths and cute teal table runners on them along with the red candlesticks in glass candleholders, with red flower centerpieces, with our table numbers and place cards. They also had these really cute teal and red laterns hung all around the patio area where the reception took place along with the cute outdoor lights that were strung around the patio area. All of the food, cake, and drinks was all inside.
 Cute picture of our friends Corey and Rachel
 Here is a fun picture of our friends Blythe, Marshall, and Josh.
 Here is a closer look at the table set up and center pieces.
 Here is the groom, Jeff standing next to the cake table inside before they started cutting the cakes.
 At the cake table they had one tiered wedding cake that was teal and red to go along with everything that was flavored red velvet with a white wedding cake topper and also had an old school style white, sheet cake with a big red "P" initial for their new last name. Also on the cake table they had a few old family wedding pictures of their parents and such.

 The bride and groom feeding each other the cake, although Jeff has his mouth wide open, they were both nice to each other while doing this and didn't make a mess of it which is always good!
 Here is a fun picture of Chase and Jordan while everyone was waiting on the cake to be cut and passed out.
 The bride as she is about to toss her bouquet to a special single lady!
 The groom as he looks for the garter.
 And here is the groom ready to toss the garter away to one of the single men.
 And as I said the wedding was 1950s inspired, the bride and groom left in a 1957 Chevy that the bride's parents had restored for her as her wedding gift, it was all pink and white.
 The bride and groom making their exit through all the bubbles to get in their car.
 Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Paxton!
A special little touch all the guys added to their 57' Chevy, gotta have all those coke cans tied to the back.

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