Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MLB Playoffs- GO YANKEES!!!

Is there anything better than MLB Playoffs and the World Series? I think not...I know there are so many people out there who hate baseball and feel like it is the most boring sport ever, not sure how you can think that considering the boring sport of golf! But I also know that some people are just football people, which I totally understand, I love both sports, but cannot see past the true american sport of baseball, the history, how classy the sport and athletes are, the excitement that it brings I can assure you nothing in the world can top it! I could go on and on and on about how special this sport is but I will spare you as that would be a never ending post.

As most of you already know I have true love for New York pretty much anything and everything about it, but have LOVED The New York Yankees for a long time now and there is nothing better to see them in the playoffs, nothing at all! For the 2011-2012 season the Yankees had a great season their regular season record was 97-65, they also clinched their division series. In my opinion the best part of the season has been was Derek Jeter our Yankee captain and veteran who also plays shortstop hit his record of 3,000 hits in his baseball career which made him the 28th member of 3,000 hits club, I will never forget watching that on tv! Also Mariano Rivera who this season who claimed the all-time saves lead of 603 career saves, he is one amazing pitcher! So after we were able to clinch our division in the series against the Tampa Bay Rays we went on to the ALDS against the Detroit Tigers. We started out the series against the Detroit Tigers in New York winning the game 1 9-3, then losing game 2 5-3, then losing game 3 in Detroit 4-5, then winning in Detroit 10-1 which is forcing a rare 5th game in the series in New York since we have home field advantage from clinching our division. So as a recap THE YANKEES ARE STILL ALIVE, but obviously whoever wins tomorrow night in the Bronx takes it all and goes ahead to the ALCS and plays the Texas Rangers, which by the way we DO NOT WANT THEM TO WIN!!!

The starting pitchers for tomorrow night in game 5 is going to be Ivan Nova vs. Detroit's D. Fister I am really looking forward to the game tomorrow night in New York although I will be in Texas haha! I am definitely wishing Ivan Nova luck and all the rest of the team but I fully believe that my Yankees can get a win out of game 5 at the Bronx and go on to the ALCS to play against the Rangers, so anyone and everyone reading this CHEER ON THOSE YANKEES!!!! :)

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