Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001 @ 8:46 a.m: I remember EVERYTHING about that day like I could walk back there and it experience all over again, EVERY LITTLE DETAIL! I remember it started off just like any other old day, nothing special at all about it, it was just a random day in September. It was a day in September in 2001 when my dad and brother had gone ahead in August and made the big move to Abilene so my dad could start his new job as the Chief of Police at ACU and so my younger brother could start at his new school while my mom, older sister and I stayed back home in Beaumont. I remember I was in the 9th grade at Cathedral Christian High School on the historic day. I was in my first period high school Physics science class with Mr. Lee when our principal walked in our classroom to pull our teacher out in the hallway to deliever the hard news to him but didn't tell the class, which I have always found strange. We left the class and I went on to my second period class which was my Math/Algebra class where I was told what had happened and what was going to happen since there was just so much chaos going on at that point. I remember asking questions, alot of why, and then going to have a devotional with the entire school in the hallway since I went to a Christian school we always did things like this in times like this, and I remember going home early! I remember staying home all day watching the news coverage all day with my sister and two cousins and also baking sugar cookies later because that always makes you feel better and going to eat mexican food at one of our local favorites with my grandparents and mom and still to this day when I walk in the restaurant I can remember the exact booth we sat in that day.

Some other distinct things I remember from that day:

- I remember calling my Dad that day since he was living in Abilene, I remember how emotional and uncomfortable feeling knowing that he was 500 miles away from the rest of our family unit on that scary day. I specifically remember asking my Dad if this was World War III because for our generation, at least someone my age this was the absolute first experience to war or terrorism or anything like that so that was another very uncomfortable feeling.

-I remember that I was wearing jeans and turquoise long sleeve v-neck t-shirt from American Eagle that day.

 picture of The New York Times on September 12th probably printed the day after attacks
 one of the many images I remember so vividly from the news coverage, magazines, newspaper, etc...
 loved what God did to our nation on this day and sometimes think we forget that as a nation and people on a daily basis, we were a different country and people on that day and in the days and months after...
 I will always remember seeing the endless amounts of debris in New York at Ground Zero from the collapse of the World Trade towers. I took my school trip to New York City in March of 2002 not very long after 9/11 happened and will never forget what Ground Zero looked like there was still an inhumane hole in the ground so deep, everything was gated off, most of the debris was cleared off so it didn't look at all like this image but there endless amounts of cards, pictures, notes, flowers and everything covering the gate in front of ground zero and all kinds of memorbial and plaques which was an experience I will never forget.
 Such a beautiful and meaningful memorial
The most creative design of a memorial I could ever think of, so special and meaningful to the victims' families, countries leaders, nyc fire fighters, police fighters, port authorities, everyone in the country and the world because everyone was affected!


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