Saturday, September 10, 2011

Great Start to The Weekend

Last night since Jake got off work early we were able to get our weekend started off early in a fun way by getting to have dinner with my sister and brother in law at their house. It was our first time to have dinner with it just being the four of us, but needless to say it was a delicious meal that my sister cooked, a wonderful herb roasted pork roast, roasted red potatoes, fresh green beans, and a yummy green salad. They showed us the sweet baby's room which we both loved, all they have left to do is hang wall decor stuff up and get the bed from my mom in a few weeks when she comes from the two showers and get that all set up in the room and also a chair/glider that they ordered from a baby furniture store here in Houston that will be here in October and it will be ready for a sweet baby!! We are  really starting to get more and more excited by the day for this nephew or niece of ours, I really feel like it is a boy and have just felt like that all along, but I guess we will see! 

Another fun part of our weekend that is such an exciting part of every Saturday for us is College Football, it is so fun for us to get into each other's teams together and see what kind of good games happen each week, WE LOVE FOOTBALL!! I took the liberty of putting up a few pictures of our top three teams that we cheer on every Saturday no matter what since I really didn't have any other pictures to put up on here today! But anyways we will see how this Saturday of College Football unfolds for our household, I am really hoping for an exciting one, those really make for the best games!! Best luck to your teams and hopefully it is a fun Saturday and weekend for your family no matter if your teams win or lose! HAPPY SATURDAY :) 

Garrett Gilbert -Quarterback- University of Texas Longhorns #7


We love Les Miles and Jordan Jefferson and love to cheer on the LSU Tigers!!


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