Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Weekend

Jake & I had a great weekend, we got alot of stuff done errands and being productive around the house, but also had alot of fun and watched ALOT of football. Jake's work schedule was really great this weekend, he had Friday and Sunday off work so we were able to visit another church around here to see if we can get any closer to finding a church home here. I will write more about the church home search later, but since it is our first to be doing this together I would say it is going pretty good, we have only had a few differences during the whole search. Since Jake was off a good amount this weekend we had some good time to get some fun stuff for me to work on creative projects for Fall decorations and also a few other projects I have already started to work on for Christmas gifts and getting ideas to start working on for the SWEETEST little gift coming to join the Ellison family in December and I am beyond excited!! We also worked on doing some cleaning and were able to rearrange the living room into a better, more open setup that we like alot more, rearranging rooms in the house always makes everything feel so refreshed and new, I love it!

A big plus to our weekend was my dad and brother being in the area for the weekend. Although we didn't get to see them alot this weekend since they were in the Beaumont area most of the weekend for a friends Chief of Police swearing in ceremony for the city of Beaumont a nice lunch and hanging out is always nice no matter what. So on Saturday afternoon we all met at one of our family favorites, Chuy's Mexican restaurant for a yummy lunch. The rest of my Saturday while Jake was finishing his day at work was spent watching lots of very good college football games, although my # 1 Texas team didn't play this week there was so many great games on tv. Some great ones I caught on tv were the Alabama vs. Arkansas game, Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State, Florida State vs. Clemson, Florida vs. Kentucky, and LSU vs. West Virginia. And the one amazing thing that I loved about Saturday was that EVERY SINGLE team I wanted and needed to win won their games in awesome ways, I was LOVING IT!! We also got to talk to Jake's Aunt Sally quite a bit this weekend and talked alot more about our planning and details for big vacation coming up in just two short weeks. And I'll tell you the more and more we talk about our trip especially to Aunt Sally since she lives there she is taking care of alot of the details and is our official travel guide so we get so excited about it when we hear from her!!

Dad, Jenna, & Me outside Chuy's Mexican Restaurant
LOVE my family :)

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