Friday, September 16, 2011

What have we been up to lately...besides watching football?

What have we been up to lately? Aside from loving having our football back, we are ready for fall to arrive, especially the weather! We have had several nice weather days where it didn't reach 90, stayed in the 80s, then we had some where it stayed in the low 90s, but we know our fall weather will arrive one of these days! I know in just three weeks we are going to get our serious, glorious, wonderful, and very much needed fix of fall weather and new scenery and we CANNOT WAIT! I know I say something along those lines about how much we are looking forward to this vacation, but I don't think anyone but the two of us can safely understand how deeply we need this trip after this year and especially this summer! But other than that, Jake has been working quite a bit, he just got finished with part one of his management training this week and seemed to really enjoy himself, he really learned alot! One of the many things that I totally admire about Jake and his personality that I so plan on passing on to our children is how to always press on, keep looking for somewhere to upgrade yourself no matter whether its in furthering yourself in the company you work, at church, friendships, being creative, losing weight and being healthy, the options are pretty much endless. Anyways that is one of Jake's biggest qualities that I love and admire!

We have also had dinner with my sister and brother in law twice in the last week which has been really nice to see them more often since we live so close, I feel like that is kinda the point haha! I am really starting to get REALLY excited about this sweet little baby nephew or niece coming in December, only a couple more months! I started having dreams about "him" the other night and he is might cute, OH how I would LOVE to spend my days with him, my world would literally explode with happiness, I just don't think anyone really knows haha. My sister is having both of her baby showers in the next couple weeks, one that her church here is giving her and the other that all my aunts are giving here and I cannot wait to get my hands on all that precious baby gear! I have also really been brainstorming baby central here lately, wish I could share all of my ideas and plans for when the little one arrives but that would give it all away and you know I have to be a little secretive!! :) AUNT GIGI LOVES YOU :)

So once we get back from our trip I plan on really breaking out the fall decor and picking out some pumpkins at either a pumpkin patch or I suppose I could settle for Target haha. I have been brainstorming lots of cute fall decor ideas for the house lately because I am so ready for a good season change and for the holidays to get here. But I added a few pictures below of a few fall projects I plan on working on when we get back from our trip and one that is already in the process of being made since it doesn't involve pumpkins.

Cute baby pumpkins covered with your choice of scrapbooking fall paper and easily glued with modge podge or spray adhesive.
 More baby orange pumpkins in the bottom of a clear vase with curly coming out of the top
 Regular orange pumpkin with a initial made of your choice of scrapbook paper, glued with modge podge or spray adhesive.
 LOVE the process of making mine right now, hoping to make it a little larger than these, it is going to be orange like the one here on the left with cream mixed in and will also have some cute embellishments on the outside. I will make sure I post a picture of the finished product, I can't wait to see how it turns out. It is just either a straw wreath form wrapped in plastic(plastic left on) or styrofoam wreath foam, your color choice of yarn, whatever embellishments you like, ribbon to hang it from, and a little hot glue to make sure everything secure.
Just a simple orange pumpkin with your choice of ribbon to decorate it with and any other embellishments you like.

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