Monday, March 9, 2009

Change of plans

So nothing really super spectacular has been happening so far, I can still hear the wedding bells ringing...but they are much more in the distance than I had ever hoped for...but I know thats for the best! Well so Jake & I recently decided to wait until spring of 2o1o to do the big wedding, we both really think its a much better plan and really feel happy about that decision. I guess the main reason we decided this is because he won't be graduating from his undergrade at ACU till May 2010 or summer and just felt like it was a smarter plan for us and lets just be honest I did not want a winter wedding AT ALL! I know everyone is probably laughing at me because I am looking in all the wedding magazines I can find and doing all sorts of planning in my head and such, but to tell the truth I don't care that its a year away because I have been waiting to plan this day since I was about six years old :)

Other than the few wedding changes...I need ya'lls help, anyone & everyone who actually read this I want your help coming up with a new name for this blog instead of "double j life" neither I nor jake care for that one too much. Just comment on this post and give me your suggestions if you please.

Sorry this is such an uneventful post, but sometimes those happen. Please help me with the name. Until another time....

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