Tuesday, March 3, 2009

so the story begins...

not the best picture of the ring...but its still beautiful and I LOVE it!!!!
my best friend Lindy...right after the proposal

after Jake asked me...me still shocked

Jake & I after we were ENGAGED!

the amazing arrangement the best florist in Austin made me, especially for our engagement

so it finally happened!!! I'm writing this post a little late, but yes the day I have been dreaming of for quite some time actually happened about two weeks ago, Jake & I got ENGAGED :)

I was of course completely overwhelmed with shock, so surprised, but so excited at the same time since I was under the impression this day was not going to be happening for a least another year or so, well apparently that was a bunch of bull ha!

I'm sure everyone wants the story and the details...but most importantly it was absolutely PERFECT like I had always pictured it in my head. So here it goes..the weekend of Febuary 21st-23rd we went to Austin to visit my best friend, Lindy that moved there a couple of months ago to be a full time florist. We had such a great weekend doing all the fun Austin things and all along Jake & I had been planning to go on a special date on Sunday night, keep in mind Jake was doing all the planning for this date night all along, which is not unusual at all, he is always planning fun surprise date nights for us, so I of course didn't think anything of it. And at about 4 or so Lindy & I went on a coffee date and would meet Jake at this special "date location" at like 6:30. And at about 6 we leave and are on our way to the location which just happened to be Mt. Bonnell in Austin, which if you are not familiar with it, it's an awesome cliff type hill place that is gorgeous that you can climb and take pictures and has a spectacular view over Towne Lake and these amazing milliondollar homes. So I get there, Lindy drops me off, me thinking that she is leaving, so I head up and look for Jake at the top of the hill and there he waits with a beautiful flower arrangement made by the talented florist lindy. And so after awhile of talking he tells me he has some present for me thats a surprise, which again is not unusal for Jake, so I close my eyes and open and he has made me an really cool black and white scrapbook of pictures and things from the very beginning of us dating till up to about now, and on the last page he tells me there is a special picture to go there and he has one last surprise to show me, so I close my eyes and then open and the page is turned and says "Jillian will you be my wife?" and has open a ring box with my perfect most beautiful engagement ring!!!!

Well oh my gosh I never even said yes to him because I was so so overwhelmed and shocked, I mean granted the answer was automatic, but still. Well then I turn around and out pops stalker lindy out of the bushes with her camera, so apparently she had been there the whole time and basically followed me up mt. bonnell...which did I mention I was totally oblivious to!?

So then we proceed to freaking out about what is really happening and taking pictures and having random people come up and clap and scream congratulations, which I loved ha! And then we leave and the all the massive amounts of calls to be made begins...my parents first, which Jake had talked to in depth about all of this about 2 weeks before all this was going to happen. Then my sister, Jake's sister, my aunt, cousins, Jake's mom, friends and the list goes on....

Well needless to say I was and still am so overwhelmed with happiness that I could probably just burst into a bubble!!! We are both just so super excited for everything to come in the next year that we cannot even keep it to ourselves! But here is a few pictures of my beloved ring & a few from the special weekend, ENJOY!

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