Sunday, March 15, 2009

some wedding change of plans

so over the weekend we had some BIG change of plans as far as wedding plans go. We pretty much have officially decided to get married here in Abilene instead of in Beaumont like we had originally planned. We have just realized how harder it would have been to plan a wedding out of town, with going out of town so much during the planning phase and with work and school it was just going to seem impossible since its seven hours away. So we decided that we want to do everything here in Abilene and are so excited at some of the different location options we are looking at and just how much easier the whole process is going to be with everything being right here. And one of the other main reasons we have decided not to do everything in Beaumont is because the location we had our heart set on we have realized after counting even just immediate family on my side, not even close friends or extended family just on my side we are already up to 120 on my side and the location in Beaumont, my aunt's beautiful house to do it outdoors is just not big enough that it really would only hold up to like 75-80 people which is obviously way under what even my family is haha.

Anyways here a few pictures of the location options we are looking at right now...I want your feedback on what you think would be the best most beautiful location for our wedding :)
here is the website to the location we are leaning most towards
one of the others we are going to look is the windsor hotel in downtown abilene that I have not yet found the official website yet, sorry :(
Anyways let me know what you think...I would love to hear your opinion on everything :)
Until then we will update as things change

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  1. Hey Jillian, as a former Abilene bride I have a few pointers. One, a wedding/reception in the Windsor would be beautiful. Matt's sister's reception was there, and it was bright and wonderful. Where not to go? The T&P Event Center. The girls are kind of crooks and it's not worth the money. I had my reception there and really regretted it. Just FYI.