Sunday, January 31, 2010

fun January times with the girls

So at Christmas time my mom made Maggie & Claire these super adorable aprons and gave them some baking sets with real cake mix and icing and sprinkles. After everyone got all the holidays behind them I brought the girls over to my house to bake and decorate cupcakes with my mom & I and it was really just so so hilarious and adorable I can't even put it into words how precious they are to me, but hopefully these pictures help show you how cute they really are! We recently got their flower girl dresses in the mail and they are just going to be the cutest little flower girls walking down the aisle, I cannot wait to see them all dressed up in their dresses and shoes and hair all fixed, its just going to be absolutely precious, especially to know how excited they are when I hear them talk about it. But anyways hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do :)

Claire Louise, cutest two year old on the planet...
she loved the chocolate cake batter yummy!

This girl really enjoyed the batter more than I have ever since a 4 year old enjoy anything

LOVIN' that chocolate cake batter

I think she may have liked the cake batter more than the actual cupcakes ha!

LOVE this girl!!!!!

helping kathy make her chocolate cupcakes

Claire & I mixing up the yellow cake mix or (lellow as claire would say)

Claire Bear so so CUTE!

She loved the cake batter too...but wasn't quite as much as Maggie did!

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