Sunday, January 31, 2010


It's officially less than 50 days away I will be MRS. JACOB NASSAR which feels so insane to know that I will no longer be a miss, but a MRS. wow that just feels so great, I cannot even explain my excitement for ALL the many different things that are going to come along with that! We are definitely well under way with all of the planning and its now coming down to all the crazy details and making sure we have everything to pull this spectacular event together! This is just such an exciting time that I honestly just can't stand it haha :)

Here are some things that are coming up I have to look forward to:

1. this coming weekend my Abilene Bridal Shower :)
2. my last valentines day as a non-married woman
3. Jake's last birthday as a non-married man
4. my Beaumont Family Bridal Shower in march
5. first John Mayer concert to ever attend
6. moving into Jake's/our apartment
7. reorganizing and decorating our apartment
8. shopping for furniture for our apartment

I took my bridal portraits this week and I LOVED every single minute of being in my dress and the pictures were so so much fun! Our photographer, Hannah Vickers ( did such an amazing job I was just so overjoyed, it really was exactly what I was looking for my bridal portraits to look like. We took them at the trammells house (where I work) and they were just beautiful, I don't know how the hell I am ever going to be able to pick out which ones I like the best and which ones I want to have printed and framed, its definitely going to be such a chore. I wish so bad that I could post a few of my favorites on here but can't do that until after the wedding since we wouldn't want Jake to see pictures of the dress and especially pictures of me in the dress.

Here's a list of stuff I still have left to do to finish up before March:

1. mail invitations this week
2. write thank you notes after showers
3. finish reception playlist for dj with caterer & finalize menu and details
5. get bridesmaids & groomsmens gifts finalized
6. get rehearsal dinner invitations done
7. finish getting hostess gifts for showers
8. order flowers
9. buy champagne for reception
10. get sheet music printed for pianist for ceremony

Yes the list of things to do is alot longer than the list of what I have done, but you know thats the way it goes, trust the month of Febuary is going to be ever more crazy than January, while March is going to be RIDICULOUS, but still oh so fun! I just can't wait...I'll keep you posted on everything.

But the best thing that we have finished and done is having the honeymoon completely paid for and ready to go...we are leaving March 21st the day after our wedding to drive to Galveston to board The Carnival Conquest Cruise to sail to Montego Bay, Jamaica, The Grand Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, Mexico! We could not be more excited, I have never been anywhere outside the United States except Mexico and it was Monterrey, Mexico and Mexico City, definitely not the beatiful beaches of Mexico, Jake on the other hand has been to Jamaica on a mission trip in high school, but no where else. We leave the sunday after our wedding day and return the following sunday and sometimes its all I find myself thinking about because I LOVE vacation so much, especially the beach!! YAY!!! Well thats all for now...promise to be sooner than later :)

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