Sunday, January 31, 2010

my late new years post

Only an entire month late, but here it is my new years post, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! We are now under the 50 day mark, which means we are officially getting crazy insane busy, but I'll save all that for a special wedding post coming soon! Jake & I spent the new years in Abilene together, we went out with some friends for drinks after a nice dinner at Outback, it was a very well deserved night out after I had been out of town since Christmas Eve in Houston and then a week at the ranch with all the family. Then we left New years day early to leave for Austin for 2 nights for my best friend, Lindy's wedding, which I was a bridesmaid in. We had a great time being down in Austin, we LOVE it so much there! We did some much needed shopping, I got to spend some much needed time with Lindy before she became mrs. mitchell holt, and enjoyed a lovely wedding and headed home after the wedding was over. After getting back home we basically went back to work and got back into the groove of things which felt really nice. But here are a few pictures of how we spent our new years holidays, they are in order from end of wedding to the day before the wedding, sorry! Hope you enjoy :)

the happy couple enjoying their cheesecake
cutting their wedding cheesecake

leaving the ceremony after officially becoming MR. & MRS. MITCHELL HOLT

congratulations Lindy & Mitch!

all the girls getting ready together out on Lake Austin & enjoying mimosas :)

enjoying such a relaxing pedicure before wedding day!

The whole wedding party at the rehearsal dinner

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