Thursday, December 8, 2011

Family Birthday Parties

Finally back to regular blogging about stuff going on around here so I'm going to start with the beginning of November and work my way to the most recent events in our life! So back at the beginning of November Jake & I headed over with my sister and brother in law to our October family birthday parties, we celebrated Aunt Joyce, Jeff, Alison, me, Hannah, Aunt Monica, Beth, and Amelia. Sorry what can I say I have a VERY LARGE family, lots of people to celebrate! We headed over to have lunch with everyone, which was yummy as always, we enjoyed grilled chicken, brisket, salad, and baked potatoes with all sorts of cupcakes, birthday cake, and brownies and ice cream for dessert. It was a fun day all in all, it is always so good to catch up with all my family that only live about two hours from our house, but life is so busy that we never get the chance to just go hang out! I received lots of cute things for my birthday from my very generous family which I am so grateful for! I took a few pictures that day, not too many but here a couple of cute ones.

 Ben & Amelia as we sing Happy Birthday to Amelia as Ben assists! I thought this was such a sweet picture of them together.
 Aunt Joyce getting ready to blow out her candles as we sing to her as Ben, Elijah, and Eli help.
 I think we were singing to Beth & I in this picture, sometimes its hard to tell haha. I always love these kind of pictures when you can tell how much fun everyone is having at parties and such, but no one is looking at the camera. I know years from now we will look at this picture and look back saying how young everyone looks and probably be trying to figure out what year it was and stuff and all of our ages haha!
Here is sweet little Adley Ann enjoying her cupcake on top of the table with Aunt Bay, so sad that she broke her arm and had to have a cast at such a young age!

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