Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reunion with a great friend

The other night Jake & I got  the chance to meet up with one of our great friends that we were very close with while we were at ACU since we are all currently living in the Houston area. It was SO awesome to be reunited and get to catch up on the past three years pretty much. It was a very interesting adventure getting together though, since Jackie works for one of the local Houston newspapers she had access to some great local restaurants from some of her colleagues who does local restaurant reviews. Well the one we had researched online, found where it was, and looked at all its reviews ended up being ALOT different than it looked online so we went on a little adventure on Westheimer to find dinner elsewhere haha! So we ended up going to The Fox & Hound Pub & Grill which was really fun, food was great and the drinks were really good priced, I didn't have a drink, but Jake had two beers which he really enjoyed!

But the company was so much better than any food or drinks anywhere could have been, it was definitely JUST what I have been needing! Since our year has been such a whirlwind through medical hurdles, long hospital stays, moving, and anything and everything else you could think of it has been a hard year to say the least! Since I have gotten better health wise we have been trying to find a home church which has been pretty hard. And as nice as it is to live here in Houston and be close to my sister, brother in law, and new precious nephew along with the rest of my extended family we would really love to find a small group of friends at a church to get to know. But it was just so great getting to catch up and have dinner together because she is kinda in the same boat since she moved to Houston from Denver this summer and is going through a similar process of finding a home church, new friends, and just making Houston her new home so it just felt so PERFECT! But anyways Jake & thoroughly enjoyed getting together with a great friend from the past. We both just loved how you can go from not talking to a great friend for like three years and instantly pick up like you saw her just a couple of days ago. And luckily we don't live too terribly far away from each other which is a blessing in the Houston area. So we are definitely planning on getting together again very soon, which thankfully is going to be so much easier when I can drive myself places again, soon and very soon! I think I don't realize how much I need friends until I am with great friends from the past or present and then it becomes very apparent!

Here is a picture of Jackie & I probably about three years ago at a local coffee shop in Abilene we all used to hang out with while we were at ACU. Such good times at Tuscanys!

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