Thursday, December 8, 2011

November Abilene Trip

So the week before Thanksgiving Jake & I went to Abilene for a visit since he had four long days off and it was such a great relaxing, enjoyable trip! Jake was able to stay from Thursday till Sunday and I stayed the rest of the week that week and rode back to Houston with my parents on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It was so nice to get to have a long, relaxing week in Abilene to hang out with my parents and especially with the Trammells, that definitely NEVER gets old! We were also able to be there on my Mom's birthday and get to celebrate with her which was special. We also were able to have a nice lunch with Jake's dad when we got into town which was nice since we aren't going to be able to see him during the holidays at all this year with Jake's work schedule and us being six hours away from Abilene. Everytime I go back and visit Abilene I realize how much I miss it and love it there but I am certainly growing to love living in Katy more and more everyday. Here are a bunch of pictures I took during the week I was there, it was definitely a trip worth while and there is nothing like getting to see these sweet girls!
My mom's birthday celebration dinner & dessert with the Trammells. We grilled the biggest steaks I have yet to see after 25 years living in Texas and had asparagus, salad, and potato casserole. Jake baked an absolutely delicious carrot cake with homemade cream cheese icing, since this is my mom's favorite kind of cake. As you can tell from the picture above the girls thoroughly enjoyed getting to celebrate Kathy's birthday with a cake, candles, and singing happy birthday, it really was too sweet! Sorry the picture is so dark I think we had the lights turned out, but I did my best to edit the lighting, I still think this picture was so sweet.
Sweet baby Elizabeth, I love the black and white coloring here.
She was in such a happy mood, she had just woken up from a good nap and was so happy and excited!
Another cute black and white of the cutest two year old I know.
I LOVE THIS ONE...I think I might have to frame it, sweetest smile I know!
While she was still in her bed after her nap I took some pictures of her since she usually plays around in her bed for a few minutes before wanting to actually get out of her bed.
I think she was still "waking up" in this picture, looks as if she is doing a big stretch here.
Elizabeth playing Peek-A-Boo
Elizabeth being happy and silly after waking up from her nap
sweet baby just woken up from her long nap
This particular afternoon while Elizabeth was sleeping Claire and I played in her room. She wanted so bad to try on a bunch of her dresses in her closet and have me take her picture in them while she played and danced around. She is the funniest, girly girl, who LOVES to dance and always loves her dresses, actually won't wear anything else besides leggings and dresses and sometimes skirts, you can definitely forget pants haha! This picture above is pretty much the definition of Claire Louise Trammell and I LOVE it!!
This is her in her Christmas dress, sweetest smile!
Doing her ballet dances and positions in her Christmas dress, LOVE this girl's curls SO MUCH!
One day when Elizabeth was out with Jake & I to eat lunch with a friend she was doing these cute little poses in the backseat.
Claire & I on Kathy's Birthday dinner celebration night
Maggie, Claire, & I after dinner- not sure there are cuter, sweeter girls in this world than these two, miss them so much!
Claire & Elizabeth at our nail painting party, they had so much fun and ended up with cute, colorful nails!

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